Smallsteps turns 11!

Let’s Team up to Clean up

In the streets of Kuilapalayam Village, Upasana with Smallsteps and Well bags held the Cleanup drive this Earth Day to raise awareness about avoiding usage of plastic bags. The cleanup team worked for about and hour picking up everything from used plastic water bottles and bags to sweeping cigarette butts in the masses.

Indeed, good deeds are contagious. As we were picking up trash, a man who barely spoke English was watching us. Eventually, he started helping with many more informally.

About Smallsteps

Small Steps project was initiated and funded by Upasana Design Studio, Auroville. It was launched on Earth Day, 22nd April 2007.

Smallsteps bags are reusable handmade shopping bags. Using one Smallsteps bag can prevent the usage of over 500 disposable plastic bags that a single person would use over a year. It is a tiny effort which contributes a great deal to the environment. These bags are stitched by women from villages in Tamil Nadu, India.

Smallsteps is more than just a bag. It aims at three main changes in the world –

1. Conscious consumption - to raise the awareness of the impact of purchasing decisions on the environment and the consumer’s health and life;

2. Woman Empowerment - to provide the means to support women in rural areas, by offering employment opportunities;

3. Environment conservation - to make a real change on the natural resources that are affected by plastic pollution.

About the Event

On this 22nd April Small Steps turned ELEVEN and to celebrate the success and reignite the spirit among the people, we planed to make this day eventful. Keeping this in mind we decided to collaborate with Well Bags. Well Bags is a company which aims to reduce the menace of plastic bags and its impact on the environment.

This event on the Earth Day tried to celebrate the efforts of the people who have been involved the initiative to make a difference and develop consciousness of environment conservation.

This event started at 3 pm on 22nd April, with an interactive session between Smallsteps team and the Well Bags Team followed by award ceremony for the heroes of the planet and clean up of the nearby area. Individuals and groups of all ages and sizes volunteered to help.

We defy stereotypes with small steps. As we were getting down to clean, three middle-aged people walked by and exclaimed “They’re wasting their time… Cleaning up only for the place to get trashed again.” Although this isn’t an exclusive opinion, thinking that our actions won't make an impression, keeps us stuck but we all should take responsibly to stand for change that we would like to see.

All the volunteers and the team in silence promised that we will reduce plastic consumption to our capacity and dispose trash responsibly.


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