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Ban of Plastic bags in India

There is a growing trend to ban plastic carrier bags in cities across India as the plastic pollution menace is growing by the day.  A number of new articles have reported the bold decisions by public authorities (in Delhi, in Kanyakumari, in the Nilgiris hills) to ban the source of the menace, but this is not always practical as little alternatives have been put into place to effectively wean the public away from this addiction.

A number of countries have also taken this initiative and India is one of the most active proponents of such a ban.  However, the plastic pollution is real and banning the source is only addressing the future production of this menace.  We still have a major problem today to resolve in cleaning up our land and water of this trash.  Unlike other natural trash, plastic remains in our environment for a long time.  in order for the ban to be effective, we also need to address the issue of collection and recycling.  Currently it is left to the private sector and in…

Plastics in our seas

Plastics often end up being blown in the sea, they get eaten up by fish, killing them or poisoning them which may end up being fished by fisherman. It is a worrying development and there are not solutions but to reduce, reuse or recycle our plastic nuisance. So next time you dispose of a plastic bag, try not to throw it in the open, either collect it with other plastic bags and sell them to a recycler or ruse them. The best solution is to carry a small shopping bag with us at all times so as to be able to say no to plastic bags!

Preparing India for a consumer wave

A recent article in The Hindu highlights the environmental dangers of consumerism.  The article highlights the problem that invariably accompanies consumption, that of garbage disposals.  Well documented, the author points to the issues in the USA, notably its largest landfill, Puente Hills outside Los angeles.

What started off as  landfill (a hole in the ground) is now a towering 500-foot high hill of trash.  The refuse of nearby civilization, and growing.  The problems are diverse, from escalating production of trash to containment of the toxic substance oozing into the ground and contaminating the underground water resources.  It is a man-made natural disaster in the making.

Furthermore, the article points out that recent trends in educating the masses in the need of recycling is not really addressing the problem, for the majority of trash is a direct consequence of industry's calculated strategy to push consumption to its extremes.  One of the biggest contribution being techn…

Come, Step out with a SmallStep

As part of our Step Out with a SmallSteps campaign to encourage our country to say to no to plastic bags we have re-designed the box to hold 10 bags as a self-display container that can be placed on tills and counter tops of points of sales of stores and small boutiques.

We actively looking for partners to take up this campaign on a national scale and encourage as many people as possible to use SmallSteps.  We have also designed a smallsteps tree that we hand out on a deposit basis for shops and stores to display smallsteps in an elegant way.

If you would like to join us to spread the message and sell Smallsteps in your area, please get in touch with us on our main site.